The Re-Unions

Each year we meet up in Basingstoke at lunchtime for a bite, a glass of something and a gossip.

We started at Palmers at the Top of Town on Beaujolais day 1997 and have been to a few venues up there including The Baker's Arms, Tonic Bar, and Yates'.

This year we moved to The Queen's Arms, right next to our old office - Normandy House and the railway station. So it's nice and easy to get to and they do a nice job for us.

To ensure you are invited to the next one - please make sure your contact info is correct or contact us to get on the list if you are not already.

The Queen's Arms

The Original Venue

Here is where it all started - upstairs at Palmers wine bar at the Top of Town.

The New Venue

That building you can just see on the right was IBM Normandy House. On the left is the railway station. Inside .. 45 rowdy Lags!