The RS/6000 Lags

NEWSFLASH: Photos of the 19th Feb, 2020 re-union are here!

Welcome to the home of The RS/6000 Lags. Since 1990, the team who launched the IBM RS/6000 and a bunch of mates, who have joined over the years, still meet up each year in Basingstoke. Here is where you'll find out what you've missed and how not to miss out next time! 

The last "final" re-union was Nov 17th 2016 and was packed with people pleading not to let it be the last one. Sign up to be the first to know if the pathetic show of peer pressure persuaded Super Sue to relent and do it all again! New news. It worked! 19th Feb 2020 is the date!  

And we have a new FACEBOOK page - see the button top right. We're testing if this is a good way to reach some of the "missing" Lags or if it helps the rest of us when it comes to getting info out and sharing photos etc. 

Please do use that to get folks linked up with the Lags team and if you have photos of events or things from our dim and distant past then please do send them in - we'll put them on the site and facebook!

If you know someone who is not on the list, please email their details, and we can add them and invite to future reunions.

The Lags Team!

Our 2020 Venue

Our 2020 venue will be The Queen's Arms pub. Right between Normandy House and the railway station. Cosy but VERY handy for the train!

The Dolphin

Remember the dolphin? He featured in the imagery and advertising at the launch. Why? Who knows!

The Launch

London - Feb 15th, 1990. The RS/6000 team were there on stage to introduce the world to RISC - still going strong 30 years later (the RISC and the Team!)