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Here is the latest information we have on The Lags. Find out what they do now, where they live, who they work for and most importantly, what they look like!

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Clive Parminter

Clive Joined Liberata in September 2006 and has specific responsibility for Business Development and new name sales. Clive had over 30 years experience in the industry. His first 19 years with IBM UK included a range of sales, sales management and general management appointments, followed by senior roles at Oracle, Information Builders and Veritas. Sadly, Clive died in December 2012 and will be sadly missed by his RS/6000 friends.

Lois Penney

We have lost touch with Lois. If you have any clues or contact info please let us know and we'll do the rest!

Chris Penrose

Chris retired from IBM in 1999 and did some consultancy and small web design. Now a professional retiree who tries to play golf and travelling. Expert in managing hospital appointments and doctors secretaries.

Keith Pettit

We have lost touch with Keith. If you have any clues or contact info please let us know and we'll do the rest!

Robert Pleming

From RS/6000 and AIX Support Manager, Robert Pleming is now the Chief Executive of the Vulcan to the Sky Trust, which, after an 11 year effort, succeeded in returning the iconic Avro Vulcan to flight in October 2007. In between IBM and the Vulcan, Robert worked at Cisco from 1994-2000 and is currently thinking about a new challenge - returning a record-breaking English Electric Canberra to flight.

Bernhard Pusch

Bernhard is living in Paris we think!

Val Rahmani

Val is CEO of Damballa, a security software company in Atlanta, Georgia. We have a unique technology that enables us to find and stop the types of security threats that other software vendors can't. We're growing fast, currently just in the US, but who knows... UK may well be next! Val is also still a pilot, flies a Russian aerobatic plane, but not as often as she'd like.

Helen Raine

We have lost touch with Helen. If you have any clues or contact info please let us know and we'll do the rest!

Ashoka Reddy

Ashoka was a senior AIX/RS6K specialist throughout the nineties, based in Leeds. He left IBM in 2000 and is now Managing Director of i-virtuals, the Backup Company. He is married to Meena, and has two lovely teenage daughters.

John Robertson

John is a regular at the Lags events but has forgotten to tell us anything for this part. Slap! :-)

Adrian Rogers

After 6 years with PWC, Adrian set up his own consulting company in 2002. ARC Solutions provides advisory and project management services for large MNC clients who are re-engineering their corporate Treasuries. He still lives in Horndean Hampshire, having neither the wit nor the inclination to move anywhere else. 

Rupert Ruparelia

Rupert is at SAP as a Senior Account Executive!

Hardev Sanghera

Hardev has been at Nutanix Inc in the UK since Feb '16 - where he is hyper-converging the world!

Heather Sharland

We have lost track of Heather. If you have any clues or contact info please let us know and we'll do the rest!

Rob Sharpe

Rob took the package in 2015, now organising Rock Festivals and community work while figuring out what to do next :-)

Mike Sinfield

After 30 years took package, got bored, took a part time job in a 2 man band , became the 1 man band (me),took over the business whilst my partner made a fortune.

Paul Slinger

Paul is at Oracle. Digital Business, Integration and Cloud Enablement for major Retail accounts.

Keith Sloan

Keith is now retired and is a regular at the re-unions.

John Smith

We have lost track of John. If you have any clues or contact info please let us know and we'll do the rest!

Larry Smith

Larry retired from IBM UK in 2010, but joined IBM US as a contractor right away and as of 2017 works on Global Business Development for a technical team in IBM China, working from home in Dachet, near Windsor. Using his ill-gotten gains as a contractor, Larry now owns a 7 bedroomed holiday let on the Isle of Wight (lags rates available) where he will one day retire to with Sharon, his wife who he married in 2010.

Max Sparks

Max is Business transformation project manager at IBM

Jane Tabor

Jane left IBM in 2012 and is now enjoying life with a bit more free time (!!) and as a Non-Exec Director on a number of Boards, mainly with organisations based in Hampshire.

Kit Trew

We have lost track of Kit. If you have any clues or contact info please let us know and we'll do the rest!

Rob Tribe

Rob joined VMware as it started up outside the US 6 years ago and is the channel pre-sales manager for the UK and South Africa.

Jo Trompetas

Jo is still in IBM after 26 years, working in Global Process Services (BPO).

Jon Tutcher

Jon left IBM for Sun in 1996, and is now a Director in Oracle's "Core Technology" (Database) business with EMEA-wide responsibility. Still living near Warbrook (remember Sales School?).

Donna Van Fleet

Donna retired from IBM in February 1999 and now continues her penchant for management and development as a member of a variety of nonprofit boards. She divides her living between two homes in the states of Vermont and Texas.

Mark Watson

Left AIX for the Wild West that was the newly acquired Tivoli of 1996. Left Tivoli in 2000 to co-found a startup, Volantis, which was sold in 2011. Went to another startup, Causata, sold in 2013. Just co-founded another one, Skipjaq. Married to Ruth and has two daughters. Feeling old and still missing my old X-Station 130.

Steve Weeks

Steve left IBM after 26 years. He's still an Excel bore. He now does some mentoring for unemployed people of all ages. Steve's band Our Dad is getting better and better. You can download his music here and he is available to sing at affluent weddings! 

Dave Weston

I'm retired, sailing a lot, living in Bosham and taking a TEFL course to launch a new career. Felix will graduate (I hope) from Law at Bristol in July

Lyn Williams

Now Mrs Kirland I left IBM in 1998 and headed for Dorset. Married with two boys I went back to college in 2012 to indulge my artistic bent! Now painting at every opportunity...never going to make a fortune, but love it.

Susan Williams

Susan is a Service Architect at Foxglove KMS Ltd in the lovely North of England.

John Woodley

John is running his own one man training and consultancy company. Living in Southsea (Portsmouth).

Robert Youngjohns

Robert is EVP HP Software and a member of the Executive Committee of HP. He vows to dedicate more time to sailing and flying by the end of 2015.

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