The History of The Lags

The RISC System/6000 was launched on the 15th February 1990, and the Lags are those people who were working in the newly formed RS/6000 business at the launch. You are likely to have fond memories of the 6150 as well!! The group has grown to include those people around in those 'early days' and "honorary lags" who have been and gone during the RS/6000 hay day years. The Lags members list grows every year, as we find 'old chums'.

The first re-union took place on Beaujolais Day 1997 in Palmers Wine Bar and was a roaring success. Since then we have had a re-union each year. The photos from each re-union are here on the site - just find the year in the menu at the top. If you have photos you'd like to share please send them in using the contact details on this site.

If you know someone who is not on the list, please email their details, and we can add them and invite to future reunions.

RS/6000 Launch

The Techies

Looking like a scene from the old Tomorrow's World, the boys are looking slightly more handsome than the boxes that are propping them up!

The Mike & Tony show!

"Hello Everybody"! That was Tony Hill's famous opening phrase! Accompanied by his young sidekick, apparently breaking into dance!

The Team

London - Feb 15th, 1990. The RS/6000 team were there on stage to introduce the world to RISC - still going strong 26 years later (the RISC and the Team!)

RS/6000 Launch
RS/6000 Launch