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Here is the latest information we have on The Lags. Find out what they do now, where they live, who they work for and most importantly, what they look like!

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Craig Alexander

We've lost touch with Craig - if you know where he is please point him our way and we'll update this part

Tom Aspinall

Tom was Manager of the ITSC, Austin TX, at the time of the RS/6000 launch. Returned to the UK in 1992. A Technical Support Manager in RS/6000 business until retirement in 1997. Now totally retired and totally out of touch with the cutting edge of IT.

Sue Aubrey

Sue left IBM in 1996 and is currently Supply Chain Manager for a pharmaceutical company in Andover.

Steve Baguley

Left IBM mainstream for Tivoli in late 1990s. Went there to sort out Tech Support and ended up as EMEA Technical Director. I asked to retire in 2001 at the grand old age of 53. Have 5 grandchildren with their ages spread over 6 years, eldest 4 now at grammer school! Spend my time between house in Bucks and 400 year old thatched cottage in Hope Cove, South Devon. Do lots of DIY for family and friends, including installing engine in yacht in Red Sea at back end of 2008. Liaison Director for Hope Cove Lifeboat which is one of 64 independent lifeboats dotted around the UK coast not funded by the RNLI or the government. This is based in the village about 40 yards from our cottage so I am handy for launching!

Viv Barber

We've lost touch with Viv - if you know where she is please point her our way and we'll update this part

Rona Barford

We've lost touch with Rona - if you know where she is please point her our way and we'll update this part

Jon Barnes

Despite being a regular at the re-unions we've never managed to pin Jon down long enough to get him to tell us what to put here!

Debbie Barton

Debbie took early retirement from IBM on 5th Jan 2010 and is currently enjoying a break from work.

Sue Baughan

We've lost touch with Sue - if you know where she is please point her our way and we'll update this part

Ken Batty

Ken Batty is doing HR consulting for various companies.  He is a Lay Member of the Speaker's Committee for the Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority - basically he regulates the people who do MPs' pay and expenses.  He is also a Non Executive Director of the East London NHS Foundation Trust. All this when he claims to be semi-retired.

Ron Beal

Ron has been retired from IBM so long he's forgotten what an RS/6000 looked like... time is spent doing large amounts of DIY and trying (without much success) to play golf.

Donna Beasley

Now Donna Black, Mum to Holly who is 3 and a half. I work part time for a cricket organisation. I live in London.

Martin Beckwith

Martin is Channels Management CoE Manager at IBM.

Mike Bedwin

Mike got the travel bug having spent that period at the Austin briefing centre and working in Holland on the Shell account for 2 years. Then went to the Middle East for 8 years and lived in Muscat, Oman and Dubai before coming back to blighty. Got itchy feet so now in Sydney. Married to a Swedish RS/6000 LAG (formerly Rosmari Andersson) and have two kids Sarah and Jennifer.

Lyn Bolton

Lynn is director of Head for Heights.

Mike Bottomley

We've lost touch with Mike. If you know where he is please point him our way and we'll update this part

Richard Brader

Richard runs BP technical programmes at IBM.

Paul Bromelow

Paul Bromelow returned last year from 3 years on assignment at IBM NE IOT HQ in Zurich where he was POWER Systems Business Development Manager. Now working on secondment from IBM to Think London, the official Foreign Direct Investment agency for London, as Global Director of Sales. Paul is married to Michele and they have three young children, Scarlett, Lorelei & Gabriel.

Arthur Calderwood

Arthur is SVP Marketing at SITA

June Carlysle-Scott

We've lost touch with June. If you know where she is please point her our way and we'll update this part

Roy Colam

Roy comes along to the re-unions but we have nothing to put here! Yikes!

Neil Cornish

Neil is Managing Director of M7 Managed Services Limited, an IBM Business Partner providing a range of hosted and managed services from our data centre in Cardiff.

Terry Critchley

Terry retired after 24 years IBM, 3 Oracle, 6 Sun, 1 Barclays. Not enjoying retirement much, despite things to do, and would start again tomorrow!

Jim Doxey

Jim is still working but nowhere near full time! And has just taken up paragliding!

Linda Durand

We've lost touch with Linda - if you know where she is please point her our way and we'll update this part

Ian Dwyer

Ian is head of EMEA Alliance Channels at MARKLOGIC.!

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